SHAFF2015 Shorts Round-up

The Wedge

wedge 650_325 2A wedge is wave that forms in the angle of a cliff or as the result of a man made structure like a jetty. They’re generally the ugly face of surfing, mutant waves that don’t conform to the usual rules. They tend to take no prisoners.

The Wedge is an eye-popping four minute horror movie of probably the most famous wedge in the world, Newport Beach California. This wave is genetically modified by a stone jetty to produce multiple peaks, directions of break, speeds of break and steepness of take-off. To make matters worse, the steeply shelving beach will sometimes throw in an outgoing wave, making the incoming wave even more unpredictable. Watching it is fun, I’m not sure surfing it is.

Surfers drop in to find the wave vanishing and only fresh air beneath their boards. It closes up without warning, throwing beflippered body-boarders high into the air like catapulted frogs. There are one or two exceptional pieces of surfing skill on display, but let’s be honest, this is car-crash TV and all the better for it. One of my personal favourites.

One Way Or The Other

Sean Kelly has been turning heads in the BMX community for a while now and this three minute movie is an excellent showcase for his skills. He’s one of those riders who busts moves with real panache, both aerials and balance tricks. Watch carefully because he almost makes them look too easy. Don’t be fooled, this guy is really good.


Tom Richards, local film maker whose debut film North was shown at last year’s SHAFF, has come up trumps again with another Sheffield/Peak inspired film. A mix of mountain biking and road riding, the best section is of trails recently dug at Wharncliffe Woods and dubbed Mini-Whistler or Wharncouver. They’re a fine effort by locals determined to build a flowy jump track inspired by the Whistler bike park. A lot of fun.

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