School’s out….

So it's good night from me and good night from him....

Playground politics escaped the confines of the House of Commons and broke out with a vengeance at last weeks Euro summit.  Amazingly, there are those in the Westminster bubble who view Cameron’s histrionics as some kind of victory, a slap in the face to those perfidious Frenchies and smug Germans.  However, throwing a huff and walking off with your ball under your arm saying your not going to play anymore somewhat loses its power to shock when the other kids simply produce their own ball and carry on as if nothing’s happened.

It’s difficult to encapsulate just how inept our chinless wonder of a Prime Minister was last week so comprehensively did he screw up.  He failed to prepare the ground, failed to brief officials, form alliances with other semi-detached members of the Euro family and as a result, failed to protect British interests.  Worse still, the British interests he was so keen to ring fence were the snake oil merchants of the City, the traders in obscure financial instruments that got us into this mess in the first place.  Is this the famed ‘re-balancing’ of the economy trumpeted by the Chancellor?  We squander an opportunity to influence industrial policy in our biggest export market simply to protect the City charlatans?  I’m not going to underestimate the contribution that the City make to the British Economy, variously estimated at between 8 and 12%, but given the 2008 meltdown one has to question the government’s infatuation with financial services long term.  Better surely to shift the emphasis to manufacturing industry and exports both of which are heavily weighted towards European markets.

Perhaps, for the sake of balance, I should also explain that I find Cameron’s performance only marginally more juvenile than that of Sarkozy and Merkel, one a posturing fool, the other fiddling while the Euro burns.  France’s economy is in a parlous state yet Sarko struts around as though he is master of all he surveys.  I think we may hear a different story from the French electorate shortly.  Meanwhile, Merkel dithers.  Hamstrung by a nation profoundly unwilling to bale out the spendthrift south, Greece, Italy, Spain and the rest, she cuddles up to Sarkozy in the forlorn hope that there is strength in small numbers.  What the German public conveniently forget is that their enviable standard of living is largely based on selling washing machines, computers and cars to those very same countries.  They can’t have it both ways.  German banks have loaned huge amounts of money to Greece and the rest to ensure the consumer boom continues, now it’s come back to bite them on the arse.  Capitalism’s a bitch eh?

So, Cameron needlessly flounced off from a meeting that agreed nothing and then pronounced himself pleased with the result.  The Lib-Dems have thrown a synthetic paddy knowing that they can do sod all about Cameron’s ineptitude because forcing a general election would see them annihilated.  Send the lot of them to bed with a clip round the ear I say….

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  1. baz wrote:

    Well said, John. Our only consolation is that one day the EU, like ten shilling notes, like WW2, like the Iraq adventure, like almost everything politicians play big boys’ games with will have faded into nothingness. Whether we then pray to Brussels or to Westminster or to gods further east, people will still have haemorrhoids and still have to get up in the morning and go out to get food for their families. The things that demand real statesmanship from leaders prepared to take their eyes off the opinion polls, things like climate change, population explosions and the killing of marine life are left blowing in the wind.