John Horscroft has been writing ever since he could hold a pen, pretty much like everyone else really. Sometimes he even gets the words in the right order. He has written for a number of outdoor publications including Climber, On The Edge, High, The Great Outdoors and Singletrack.

He has also written a novel with his old friend Barry Mercer. It is a work of genius and therefore, unpublished. He’s opinionated, an unashamed socialist, Old Labour, hates tory politics but not necessarily tories and feels the correct forum for political discussion is not the Houses of Parliament but the Sheaf View Public House in Sheffield.

He has a suitably eclectic list of former occupations for an aspiring author including shepherd, firefighter, labourer, chicken catcher, squash coach, tree surgeon, climbing wall route setter, ladies lingerie packer and, his personal favourite, sewage operative. He is currently working on becoming a professional northener and lives in Sheffield with his wife and grammar consultant, Pat.

John is happy to be considered a pen for hire.  With interests ranging from climbing through mountain biking to conservation, the Peak District and left-wing politics, he is capable of holding forth on pretty much any subject.  The problem is stopping him.

Photo courtesy of Aos Communication